Ad soup, salad or fries for $2.50

Falafel... $ 9.45
Our patties wrapped in a pita with tomato, parseley, onion, and our famous tahini sauce.

Chicken Shawerma… $9.45
Bits of chicken breast marinated with our secret family recipe.Grilled with tomato, topped with fresh parsley and tahini wrapped in warm pita.

Roasted Chicken… $9.45
Served hot along side of the street in Cairo!! Bits of chicken slow roasted topped with our mom’s Egyptian “creamy garlic” sauce (we call it Sami’s Sauce). Wraped with fresh lettuce and tomato in a warm pita.

Lamb Shawerma… $9.45
Fresh, sliced lamb marinatedwith Middle Eastern spices topped with tomatoes, lettuce and garlic sauce.


Steak Shawerma… $9.45
Thinly sliced certified Black Angus marinated overnight in a blend of Mediterranean spices. Grilled the way you like it with onion, tomato, parsley and tahini. Wrapped in a warm pita.

The Original Greek Gyro… $9.45
A delightful treat from the heart of the Mediterranean. Your choice of lamb, beef or chicken with tomatoes, lettuce and tsatsiki (cucumber) sauce. Add bacon for a buck!

Lamb Shawerma… $9.45
With onions, parsley, tomatoes, lettuce, tahini sauce and a truly wonderful pita sandwich!

Chicken Ceasar Pita… $9.45
Lettuce, tomato & parmesan.

Buffalo Chicken Pita… $9.45
Blue Cheese or Ranch.

Ranch Chicken… $9.45
Battered chicken breast fillet with Swiss cheese, ham, lettuce, tomato and lots of ranch dressing. Served on a fresh roll or Greek Pita. Add bacon $1.00.

Lamb Burger… $9.95
Served with lettuce, tomato and pickle. Add any of the following for an extra $1.00 per item...bacon, cheese, mushrooms, or ham.
  Hamburger… $9.45
A standard world wide favorite.
Create your own the way you want it. Served with lettuce, tomato and pickle. Add any of the following for an extra $1.00 per item… bacon, cheese, mushrooms, ham.

Fish & Chips… $9.45
Delectible battered cod fillets deep fried to a golden brown.