Served with soup or fresh salad

Shawerma Chiken...$15.95
Fresh cuts of chicken marinated overnight with garlic, olive oil, and a blend of Mediterranean herbs and spices passed down by the owner's grandparents. Grilled to perfection.
Served over a bed of seasoned Basmati rice with grilled tomato and Tahini sauce. Spice it up for $1.00

Shawerma Steak...$15.95
Tender cuts of marinated certified Black Angus grilled with a mox of onion and tomato. Served over a bed of seasoned basmati rice with Tahini for dipping on the side.

Lamb Shish Leek... $18.95

Slices of lamb grilled with onion and our blend of Mediterranean herbs. Served over basmati rice with grilled tomato and Tahini.

Spanakopita... $14.95
This classic Mediterranean favorite combines spinach and feta cheese under layers of flaky fillo dough.
Made fresh daily.

Hummus Platter... $15.95
A dinnes plate of hummus topped with steak, chicken, or lamb sautéed with onion, herbs and spices. Add lamb for $5 extra,


Galaia... $15.95
Sliced chicken in a sautP of green pepper, onion, tomato and spices. Served garnished with Greek olives.
Allow some extra time for the preparatin of this special dish.

Kabobs... Lamb - $22.95 / Chicken - $18.95
We look forward to delighting our guests with a select variety of the freshest chicken, lamb and beef kabobs served every evening.
Your server will have details!

Homemade receipe. Layers of eggplant, lamb, potatoes and garlic topped with a creamy Béchamel sauce and feta cheese. Best with fatoush salad.

A traditional Egyptian recipe. Fava beans slow cooked with tomatoes, onions and herbs topped with fried garlic, onion and olive oil. A very tasty vegetarian meal.

FETTE... $13.95
Crisp pita topped with garbonzo beans and creamy sauce with pine nuts, almonds and olive oil.
Sami's favorite!!!

Kabsa... $15.95
Marinated chicken with yogurt sauce and spicy sauce. Served with grilled
tomato on savory basmati rice with raisins and almonds.