Appetizers meant to be eaten by scooping up with warmed breads
Pita Brad
Baba Ghannouj
Tsatisiki, Hummus
and Falafel
Make your appetizer a platter served with toamtoes, onion, and lettuce for an additional $3.00
Hummus... $9.45
Freshly baked garbanzo beans blended with tahini, lemon juice and a hint of garlic. Garnished qith paprika, parsley and olive oil.
Served with warm pita bread.

Baba Ghannouj... $9.45
My family's recipe. Fresh oven roasted eggplant, peeled and ground with tahini, garlic and lemon juice.
Garnished with paprika, parsley and olive oil. Served with warm pita bread. Even those who don't eat eggplant love this dip!

Tsatsiki... $8.95
A yogurt based dip with the cool fresh taste of cucumber and a hint of garlic. Served with warm Greek flatbread.

Dolmathes... $8.95
A taste sensation! Grapes leaves stuffed with seasoned rice and fresh herbs served warm. Topped with onion, tomatoes, and parsley. fresh lemon wedges on the side to be squeezed on top when served hot at your table.


Falafel... $9.45
A family secret recipe! Ground garbanzo beans blended with Middle Eastern herbs and spices, shaped into patties and deep fried in oil. Served hot with dipping sauce and warm bread.

Fresh Calamari... $10.45
Lightly dusted rings in seasoned flour fried until golden brown.
Served with Tsatsiki dip. The most popular fush in Greece!

Spinach and Artichoke Dip... $9.45
Cream cheese, parmesan cheese, spinach, artichoke. Served with fried flat bread.

Spicy Feta Dip… $9.45
feta cheese mixed with cracked black peppercorns and lemon juice. Served with fried Gree flatbread.

The Café is also available for private parties and special ocasions.
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